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Send Tab URLs

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Send a list of browser tab URLs to email, Web mail, or the clipboard

Send Tab URLs creates a list of URLs from all browser tabs in the current Firefox window. This list can be emailed using your favorite email application, or copied to the clipboard for pasting into another application.

Version 2.1.1 (66 KB; requires Firefox 20 or newer)
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Supported languages: English (United States), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Swedish.

Known Issues

Things You Should Know About

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Send Tab URLs command is located in the browser's File menu, which may not be visible by default. On Firefox 4 and newer, you can find the Send Tab URLs command on the List All Tabs menu (usually located on far right of the tab strip). Otherwise, either enable the Firefox menu bar, or add the Send Tab URLs toolbar button by right-clicking on a toolbar and selecting the Customize command, and then dragging the Send Tab URLs toolbar button to the toolbar of your choice.

Change Log

Version 2.1.1
- Compatible with Firefox 20
- Automatically reload any unloaded browser tabs before sending their URLs, due to browser tab load optimizations that were introduced in Firefox 20. The auto reload is necessary to retrieve the browser tab titles for the URL list.
- Updated localizations, and added support for Simplified Chinese
Version 2.1
- New option to add the Send Tab URLs command to the List All Tabs menu in Firefox 4 and newer
- Added translations for German, Hebrew and Swedish
- Removed experimental support for Yahoo! Mail
- "Copy to clipboard" confirmation now appears as an alert instead of a dialog, if nsIAlertsService is available
Version 2.0
- Added support for Gmail, and experimental support for Google Apps and Yahoo! Mail
- Added ability to send the URL list to the clipboard
- Added support for the following email applications on Windows: Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Eudora 8
- Redesigned extension preferences dialog, containing new configuration options
Version 1.0
- Automatically detect the title from web page content if no title appears in the browser tab
- Added support for Turkish locale
Version 0.4.1
- Compatible with Firefox 3.0 beta 2
- Removed support for Firefox 1.5 series, which is no longer maintained by Mozilla Corp.
- Added support for Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Polish and Spanish locales
Version 0.4
- First public release


Web mail support in Send Tab URLs is based on Email This!, a Firefox extension by Lazyrussian Productions. The code for launching Gmail is derived from John Joseph Bachir's Gmail compose bookmarklet.

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