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Delicious Post

Post the current page or link to Delicious

Post a web page to your Delicious account using a toolbar button or by right-clicking on the page and selecting Post Page to Delicious. To post a link to Delicious, right-click on the link and select Post Link to Delicious.

Version 1.5 (38 KB; requires Firefox 3.6 or newer)
Installation Help | Mozilla Add-ons page

After installing Delicious Post, the Delicious Post button will be automatically added to the browser toolbar, if it is not there already.


Hint: The above features can be turned on or off from the extension preferences dialog by choosing Tools → Add-ons in Firefox, selecting Delicious Post in the list of installed extensions, and then clicking Options.

Supported languages: English (United States), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Turkish.

Things You Should Know About

Change Log

Version 1.5
- After installation, the Delicious Post toolbar button is automatically added to the location bar, if it is not there already
- New option to always select the "Do Not Share" option in the submit dialog
- Bug fix: In Firefox 4 or newer on Windows and Mac, incorrectly-sized toolbar button icon distorts the other browser toolbar button icons (bug 24362)
Version 1.1.2
- Changed the label for the Tags textbox in the Post to Delicious dialog so that it specifies that tags are comma-separated, due to recent Delicious changes (bug 24439)
Version 1.1.1
- Bug fix: Delicious password incorrectly URI-encoded in Firefox's password manager (bug 23712)
- Other minor fixes
- Added Swedish translation
Version 1.1
- Shortcut key, ALT+SHIFT+D, to invoke the Post to Delicious dialog
- The first-focused field in the Post to Delicious dialog has been changed to the Tags textbox
Version 1.0
- First public release


Delicious Post is based on Patrick H. Lauke's post extension.

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